A gem of a soundtrack — Judgement Night

2 min readMar 9, 2023

Today, I stumbled upon a real gem in the soundtrack genre. I am talking about 1993’s release of the Judgement Night (Music from the motion picture). I absolutely cannot remember the movie and how it was. I remember watching it, but even after reading the plot on Wikipedia, I am unsure if the movie needs to be talked about anymore.

The soundtrack, though — that is a different story. It features one of my all-time Faith no More favorites — Another body murdered.

It was recorded with Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. — an American Samoa Hip Hop ensemble, according to Wikipedia.

It is actually the one feat of this album: Each song is a collaboration of a hard-rock and a hip-hop band. My favorite songs 30 years ago were (next to the one from Faith no More):

Just another victim — Helmet & House of Pain

Judgement Night — Biohazard & Onyx

This album features basically all the big (mainstream) alternative rock/metal bands of the early 1990s such as Helmet,Pearl Jam,Biohazard, Faith no More, Therapy?, Slayer, Dinosaur Jr.

I have never really listened to hip hop, but names such as House of Pain, Run DMC, Cypress Hill, or Ice-T ring a bell.

While all these songs aged quite well, in my opinion (maybe I am also biased with nostalgia), my favorite song after rediscovering the album in 2023 is Freak Momma from Mudhoney and Sir Mix-a-lot.

Interestingly, the album was supposed to include also a collaboration between Rage Against the Machine and Tool. But according to Wikipedia, both bands never really liked the outcome and stopped the release. However, if interested, you can listen to it today on YouTube.

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